🥚How it works

Boom.LOL guarantees rug prevention by ensuring the safety of all tokens created. Every coin on Boom.LOL is launched fairly, without any presale or team allocation.

  1. Find a Coin: Choose a coin you like.

  2. Buy on the Bonding Curve: Purchase the coin on the bonding curve.

  3. Sell Anytime (after the incubation period of 7 days): Sell to secure your profits or minimize losses whenever you want.

  4. Market Cap Milestone: Once enough people buy on the bonding curve and the market cap reaches 16.625 ETH (~$58k), the seeding of Liquidity follows.

  5. Seeding Liquidity: 3.325 ETH liquidity is deposited in Uniswap and burned.

It's that simple!

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