🚀How to Launch

Launching your project on Boom.LOL requires no technical skills, takes only a few seconds, and involves zero risk.

1. Configure

🔗 https://boom.lol/tokens/create

  • Name: [Your coin name]

  • Symbol/ Ticker: [Your coin symbol, it has to be unique]

  • Description: [A short description about your project]

  • Logo: [Your logo]

  • Socials: [Your twitter, telegram & discord for your community to engage and stay up to date]

Optional Settings

  • Max Buy per Wallet: [Limit investors max buy-in, 800,000 tokens = 1%]

2. Launch

  • Before launching, developers have the opportunity to purchase a portion of their token supply in the same transaction.

  • Lastly, confirm the transaction, and you're all set to go!

Note: Launching your project is free of charge on Boom.LOL, the only fee you will pay is the gas which is ~0.006 ETH

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